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Caleb & Amber – Married October 4, 2008 – Slideshow

Caleb & Amber’s slideshow is now online here!  (order prints here

Wedding photography by Blue Willow.

Richard & Gwen – Married October 25, 2008!

Blue Willow had a great Saturday photographing Richard & Gwen’s beautiful wedding at the Garrett-Bullock House in downtown Columbus!  We spent an hour or so before the wedding taking fun pics around the downtown area and even surprised a couple of their friends at the Cannon Brewpub.  Richard & Gwen make such a great couple.  The Cogar boys were an absolute delight to spend the day with as well!  Here are a few quick sneak peek shots from their big day…..

For more information on Blue Willow Wedding Photography, please click here.

At long last… Introducing Blue Willow!

Click here for the down low on Blue Willow!

Girls in the Garden – Carolina & Savannah

Yesterday, we got together with the Thompsons to take Carolina’s 2nd birthday pictures…ON her birthday!  She and her big sister Savannah were quite the explorers.  Of course, Savannah was a little preoccupied with showing her boyfriend of 3 1/2 years (Eli) around the place. 

Happy 2nd birthday, Carolina!  Here are a few sneak peeks of what we captured… 

Family Fun with the Burditt’s

We met the Burditt’s downtown for some family photos this afternoon.  Little Natalie kept us laughing the whole time.  Her philosophy is… Who needs to say “Cheese!” when you can say “Potato!”. I have to say, I like the way she thinks!  :)

Thanks Shannon for your help! Here are a few sneak peek shots from today….

Running after Rachel

Yesterday, I had so much fun letting Rachel lead me in an endless maze through gardens, paths, and flowers during her 3 year portrait shoot.  She has quite a singing voice too!  As you can see in these sneak peek shots, she’s full of personality and wonder.

A day in the park with Aiden

I got to spend a couple of hours at Lake Bottom with Aiden this morning for his 18 month portraits. I’ve been taking pictures of this little guy since he was 3 months old! He let me chase him all around the park. He could see that I needed the exercise :) Thanks Amber, Maggie, and Jessica for all of your help! Here are a few of the many great shots that we got. Stay tuned for more to come!


John & Katrina – Extreme Newlyweds!

Meet John & Katrina….newlyweds.  And by newlyweds, I mean they were married this afternoon, an hour before our shoot!  These two are very obviously in love as you can see in these sneak peek photos.  Congratulations John & Katrina!  Stay tuned for the rest to come!

A sneak peek at some upcoming client galleries

We’ve been crazy busy lately.  Here are a few random shots from some of our upcoming client galleries (in NO particular order).  Stay tuned for the rest!