Monthly Archives: December 2008

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Maddie Gail – 3 months

Maddie Gail brought her mom, big brother, and grandmother to the studio last week for her 3 month session. Jon Jon did a great job trying to teach his baby sister how to have fun in front of the camera! As always, Gail brought her unique touch to the shoot with her personal props and very own style! Thanks, Kelly, for sharing your growing family with us – it is a joy to watch your children grow.

The Bader Family

I got to spend a couple of hours with the Bader family at Lakebottom last week, and it was great to watch the kids play and have fun. Their dad, Bill, has recently returned home from Iraq, which made the session especially sweet. A big thanks to Bill, Pam, Reese, and Katherine for the sacrifices you make as a military family. Our country and world are richly blessed by your service!

Alayna – 6 months

Matt and Hillary brought sweet little Alayna in for her 6 month portraits last week. She was a joy to work with and I loved meeting their family! Here are a few shots from our session….

Dew the Dew

I got to spend some time in the park on Tuesday taking some family pictures of the Dew family. Micah and Anabel had a good time “dewing” their thing. (Are you wondering how many times I can use that pun in this post? Oh, just wait!) We did have a great time and the weather was just right for pictures. I don’t know what I would dew without being blessed with great friends like these! (snuck that one in on you, didn’t I?) ;) Here are a few sneak peek shots but dew come back to see the rest! (that’s five in case you’re counting)

Lord Family

I had such a fun Friday afternoon with Resa, David, Meagan, and Sam. Families like theirs are one of the biggest reasons that I LOVE my job! We started at the park and ended up at the beautiful Springer Opera House. Here are a few of the shots we took….

Jon Jon and His Family

Jon Jon Carver has been in front of our camera a bunch since he was born and is always so expressive. We had a great time this week at Gayle & Rick’s place taking pictures. Here are a few sneak peeks!