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Hartley & Caleb – Save the Date Session

FAQ: Are newborn sessions really necessary?

I often have clients say to me… “We’re thinking about having newborn pictures taken with you once the baby gets here but we don’t know exactly when he will arrive. And leaving the house with a newborn seems intimidating.”

On the other hand, I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard something like this… “Wow, can you believe how much he’s changed since he was a newborn?! Look how tiny and precious he was then! I am SO glad we captured that stage of his life!”

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to pack up a one week old and head to the studio for a photo session. But I have never had a client regret making the effort. We work hard to keep just the right atmosphere for your little one in the studio. I’ve found that keeping the studio warm, the lights low, and the white noise on really makes for a peaceful and relaxing session. Typical newborn sessions last between two and three hours and we allow for plenty of time to keep your baby full and sleepy.

Newborn sessions are typically scheduled in advance based on due dates and we are always willing to change the dates as needed.

So if you’re still undecided, take a quick peek at these newborn vs. 12 month comparisons…..


Tabuki & Quintin

Jameson – 1 Year

Tex’s proposal to Julie!

Molly and I were honored to be part of such a special moment….When our future brother-in-law, Tex proposed to Molly’s sister, Julie!

(Video) Behind-the-scenes glimpse of Senior Sessions at Ritchie White Photography!

Video footage shot and edited by Alex Molina, Calle Blanche Studios, Puebla, Mexico…  facebook

Senior Session Information

Senior Session Information

Ella – 9 Months