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The little image with a life of its own…

Back in 2002, during my first of 3 trips to England, I captured this photo in the little town of Chipping Campden with my first “real” pro camera, an Olympus E-10. Since then, somehow this image has found its way around the world many times over. I know for a fact that it’s on a large church sign in Belgium and another in Minnesota. It’s been used on numerous magazine covers, books, etc.

Over the years, I have received many emails and letters asking for permission to use it for various reasons and I’ve always said yes without reservation. I even received a very moving letter once from a girl who was battling suicidal thoughts and said that using this image as her desktop wallpaper had given her hope on many days when she had none.

After receiving another email today from Australia, I decided to do a quick Google search for this image (Google has a very powerful image search feature!). The results were pretty cool and interesting to say the least. Out of the 188 image matches that Google found (mostly Catholic church and other religious sites), here are some of the most interesting ones to me… :)

Here is my original image….

And a book that I saw for the first time today….

And a somewhat creepy image of Jesus added in by Jesus Daily on Facebook. I guess I’m the only one who found it creepy since it has 169,662 likes and 4899 shares :)

And a tacky one that’s been used on a few websites…

And something in hungarian?…

And even a parody of a Kanye West album cover…..

The real Kanye cover…..

Aaron – 1 Year

Aaron – 9 Months

Aaron – 6 Months

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